Teen pregnancy prevention starts with a foundation in healthy relationships. How do you talk to your young people about healthy relationships? 

Teen pregnancy and teen childbearing affect several critical social issues, including poverty and income disparity, overall child well-being, child welfare, out-of-wedlock births, healthy relationships and marriage, responsible fatherhood, health issues, education, substance use and other risky behaviors, and violence.

The Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recognizes the complexities of these social and economic issues and believes teen pregnancy prevention requires the thoughtful attention and deliberate action of parents, youth, community leaders, faith leaders, educators, policy-makers, health professionals, and others who have a desire to ensure Alabama’s youth live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Alabama has one of the highest teen birth rates, doesn’t mandate sex education
The Alabama Campaign was given the opportunity to contribute to a national story about teen birth rates and sex education. The articles author points out that Alabama has one of the highest teen birth rates in the country, and while sex education sho...Read More...
Building a Safe and Supportive Environment for Sex Education
The first step in building a safe and supportive environment for sex education is setting the state. Setting the stage with the right tone from the very beginning lets young people know what they can expect, and ensures that they will feel included....Read More...
12th Annual Alabama Youth Council
On Thursday, October 8, from 9:00am to 2:00pm, over 900 students and school leaders from across Alabama will join in Montgomery for the Alabama Youth Council. The Alabama Youth Council will be held at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa, 201 Tallapoosa Str...Read More...
T-Shirt Design Party
On Thursday, August 13, at 6:30pm, the Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth will host a t-shirt design party at ELITE Project Birmingham (2217 6th Ave. S., Birmingham, AL 35233). They will brainstorm messaging for the Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth...Read More...
Guiding Teens and Young Adults to Successful Relationships
Join the staff of The Dibble Institute as they explore the inside scoop on effective tools to help youth develop the skills and knowledge needed for growing satisfying and healthy romantic, family, and work relationships. This webinar airs Wednesday,...Read More...
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