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Teen pregnancy and teen childbearing affect several critical social issues, including poverty and income disparity, overall child well-being, child welfare, out-of-wedlock births, healthy relationships and marriage, responsible fatherhood, health issues, education, substance use and other risky behaviors, and violence.

The Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recognizes the complexities of these social and economic issues and believes teen pregnancy prevention requires the thoughtful attention and deliberate action of parents, youth, community leaders, faith leaders, educators, policy-makers, health professionals, and others who have a desire to ensure Alabama’s youth live healthy, fulfilling lives.

‘Tis the Season
The Alabama Campaign works throughout the year to bring sexual health education to all of Alabamas youth. We believe that all young people have a right to knowledge, skills, and access to sexual health education and services to protect themselves thr...Read More...
#ThxBirthControl – Keep the Conversation Going All Year Long
In November the Alabama Campaign joined individuals and organizations across the country to say #ThxBirthControl. We at the Alabama Campaign believe that sexual health education includes education about abstinence AND condoms and birth control. We al...Read More...
World AIDS Day – December 1
December 1 is World AIDS Day – their theme this year is HIV Stigma: Not Retro, Just Wrong. Visit worldaidsday.org to find out how you can bring awareness to HIV and AIDS, and break the stigma.Read More...
Infant Mortality Rate in Alabama Decreases
In a recent news release the Alabama Department of Public Health announced that the states infant mortality rate of 8.3 per 1,000 live births in 2015 showed a decrease from previous years. This is still higher than the 2014 United States rate of 5.8...Read More...
Evidence-Based Program Highlight: Making a Difference
Throughout the year we have talked about Getting to Outcomes and highlighted some evidence-based programs. We hope this has been helpful our goal is to ensure that everyone implementing a sex education program is using the program that fits best wit...Read More...
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